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You can buy all of these books easily on Amazon, Ebay, or just ask your local book seller.
The Airwalker and Bradburry books can be found, with much luck, on Ebay also, becasue they are rare and out of print

Bill Suitor
The Rocket Belt Pilot's Manual
: A Guide by the Bell Test Pilot

Apogee Books, 2009 - 106 pagina's
William Suitors own website: (click his name to go to his website)

The rocketbelt—a device designed by Bell Aerosystems in the 1960s to be a tactical rescue vehicle for the United States Army—is described here for the first time by one of the machine’s original test pilots. Covering everything from service and fueling to step-by-step directions for use, the guide also includes an in-depth technical background of the flying device and a detailed, easily accessible explanation of the science behind jet propelled flight. Accompanied with photos of each distinct component of the machine and an explanation as to how the parts relate to one another, this unique guide answers more than four decades worth of questions on the rocketbelt and ultimately encapsulates the sheer excitement of flight from a man who experienced it firsthand.

Steve Letho;
The Great American Jet Pack: The Quest for the Ultimate Individual Lift Device

Chicago Review Press, 1 mei 2013 - 234 pagina's

For a few decades, jet packs seemed to be everywhere: on Gilligan's Island, Lost in Space, Thunderball,and even the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympics. Inventors promised we'd all be flying with them now, enabling us to zoom around effortlessly in the sky and getting us to work without traffic jams and trains. What happened to the jet pack?In The Great American Jet Pack,Steve Lehto gives us the definitive history of this and related devices, explaining how the technology arose, how it works, and why we don't have them in our garages today.These individual lift devices, as they were blandly labeled by the government men who financed much of their development, answered man's desire to simply step outside and take flight. No runways, no wings, no pilot's license were required. Soaring through the air with the wind in your face and landing anyplace there was room to stand—could this be done? Yes, it could be, and it was.

 But the jet pack was perhaps the most overpromised technology of all time. From the rocket belt to the jet belt to the flying platform and all the way to Yves Rossy's 21st-century free flights using a jet-powered wing, this book profiles the inventors and pilots, the hucksters and cheats, the businessmen and soldiers who were involved with these machines. And it finally tells a great American story of a technology whose promise may, one day, yet come to fruition.
Nelson Louis Olivio
Rocket Rangers: Man's Quest to Fly Like Buck Rogers vol.1&2

Xlibris Corporation, 4 aug. 2011 - 72 pagina's
If you've ever dreamt of flying solo through the air, rocket-riding over grayish lunar craters or simply taking spacewalks `round our spinning big blue Earth, pick up this 2-volume set and read about the Rocket Rangers. These are the men who have fullfilled man's ageless aerospace dream, with many chapters written in 1st person. Unsurpassed. A must for the aerospace enthusiast, history buff and someone just learning about this facet of space history.
29 dec. 2011

UitgeverXlibris Corporation, 2011
ISBN1462865461, 9781462865468
Lengte72 pagina's


Paul Brown:
The Rocketbelt Caper (updated version)

Superelastic, 2009 - 176 pagina's
When three men set out on a quest to build a real-life Buck Rogers-style flying machine, their obsession with the Rocketbelt 2000, or "Pretty Bird," shattered their friendship and set in motion an astonishing chain of events involving theft, deception, assault, a bizarre kidnapping, a ten million dollar lawsuit and a horrifically brutal murder. From sci-fi to reality, this is the incredible true story of the amazing rocketbelt. "A delight to read. Genuinely stranger than fiction. Recommended."

Mac Montandon
Jetpack Dreams

Jetpack Dreams chronicles the colorful pop history and science of that most amazing and mysterious of machines: the jetpack. Fueled by a fascination and lifelong obsession with the power of flight, journalist Mac Montandon goes on a vastly entertaining search of the elusive invention. He examines the jetpack’s inspiration from the first shoulder-mounted wings to Bill Suitor’s 1984 Olympic flight, even uncovering a gruesome jetpack-related murder in Houston. From the earliest days of the ’pack to its enduring role in popular culture—with Buck Rogers, James Bond, Boba Fett—Montandon seeks to answer two simple questions: Where is the jetpack that was promised to him, and to all of us, years ago? And if it’s out there, can he catch a ride?Jetpack Dreams: One Man's Up and Down (But Mostly Down) Search for the Greatest Invention That Never Was

Bradburry Research (very rare)

The famous pink covered, spiral bound A-4 size rocketbelt research book
Privately published (written by David Gibble) out of print

Airwalker, a date with destiny (1993)     The amazing rocketbelt (reprint 2000)
size A-5                                                      Size A-5
These very rare (specially the big A-4 size) of the above books where one of the first books ever
written on rocketbelt technology. Not accurate, not safe, but they where a start
for many builders.
Out of print