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Flying chairs ans seats

The Bell Aerosystems Flying Seat   click HERE for great footage (at 3.30 minutes)

The seat itself was a modified fiber glass office chair. The hydogen peroxide powerplant was a modified rocketbelt system. The control system was essentially the same as the Bell rocket belts. A total of 16 free flights were accomplished (from june 30 - september 2  1965) after a series of tethered flights (from jan. 19 - june 30  1965).

Four different operators flew the flying seat: Bill Suitor, Gordon Yeager, Robert Courter and Wendell Moore

      Robert Courter in flying seat   

Flying chair team with Wendell Moore, Ernie Kreutinger, Bob Courter, Doug Meiklejohn, Gordon Yeager and Bill Suitor


The Ludion flying chair

The Ludion flying chair is NOT the same design as the Bell flying chair. French inventor and builder Mr. Jacques Lecarme saw his invention fly for the first public demonstration back in 1968, at the Villaroche Aerodrom in France. Instead of the Bell flying chair the Ludion is powered by pressurised isopropyl nitrate (AVPIN), ignited by a catalyst and has a trust augmenter. The high pressure gasses produced in the de-composition chamber were fed to two augmentor tubes, built by Bertin, either side of the pilots seat, angled slightly outwards It can be airborn for 60 seconds


Above: Original Ludion #1 in the French Aero Museum                                                                                              Flight demo Le Bourget 1967, Ludion #1


Ludion #3. Left: frontal sight. On the right a very rare pic of the fuel tanks on the back. This Ludion was re-furbished.