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Jetvest / T. Moore

Jetvest / Thomas Moore

On the end of the 40’s a man named Thomas Moore (no relation with Wendell F. Moore) who was working at the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, together with the rocket team of Werner von Braun made his design for the first rocketpack that could lift a man.
Thomas M. Moore

He name
d it the Jetvest, and after some tests with dummies, he flew it by himself on a tethered construction back in 1952.
The Army grante
d him $ 25.000 for starters. because lack of funding afterwards, the project went down


  An office employee of Thomas showsingthe original Jet Vest (later destroyed)

Jetvest on test rig, left dummy, middle and right with Thomas M. Moore as test-pilot

1:3 scale model beautiful handcrafted by Mark Wells