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David Mayman

David Mayman from Australia has a long history of being a rocketbelt enthusiast. We go back as long as 2005, when he was interested in buying a rocket or- jetbelt. He bought one of Juan Lozano's belts, Bill suitor tought him to fly and he made his historic Sydney Harbour flight. He also had a shadow project on the side, building a jetbelt (different types) with Nelson Tyler, succesfully ending in the great Statue of Liberty flight in 2015, flying his jetbelt for minutes. Finally, since 1968, he was the second man on Earth to fly a reliable jetbelt for minutes. 

Click HERE to go to David Mayman's site on his rocketbelt project

His secret jetbelt project went for years with different types. 

Click HERE to go to the Jetpack Aviation website to see stunning pics and clips on the JB9 jetbelt

And the story goes on, improving the JB9.......keep you informed