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Howard "Kinnie" Gibson

Kinnie Gibson, who was a stunt double for action star Chuck Norris, came out of the hot air ballooning scene, before Nelson Tyler trained him to be a rocketbelt pilot. Gibson was quick in getting master the rocketbelt, and soon he made flight demonstrations for Tyler's rocketbelt business. One of the gigs was flying for Gronalund attraction park in Sweden. By than Tyler sold his rocketbelt to the park, and the park sent a stuntdriver to Tyler in California to be trained as their own rocketbelt pilot, flying their own rocketbelt. But the Swedish stunt driver could not manage to fly the rocketbelt and retrived.

Gronalund attraction park was not happy with that! Kinni Gibson was called back to the US to act as a stunt double, so they didn’t had a pilot to fly their machine. Some kind of arrangement was settled, and Gibson licensed the belt for his own. He flew shows under the name of "The flying Viking"

By the time Gibson got hold of the belt, there was almost no change to get the 90% electrolytic peroxide. FMC didn’t sell it anymore, and it was to expensive to custom made it. Gibson by then bought his peroxide and the equipment to handle and refine it in Germany . One of the first test flies with the new peroxide went wrong because of the instability or additives of the peroxide. Gibson felt and broke his knee. With the help of Tyler, who wrote some letters he sewed the peroxide company in Germany , and got big $ from the peroxide company.Tyler also repaired the belt for Gibson.

He flew some 600 demonstrations, for example more than 40 flights at Michael Jackson's Dangerous tours, at sports events, openings, promotions, TV shows and series and much more all over the World. He build two rocketbelts other than the Tyler belt, and flew them.Later on Eric Scott and Dan Schlund were pilots for his company named "Powerhouse Productions" (now both left). Powerhouse was very secret on the parts of rocketbelts, and had some argues with rocketbelt builders regarding parts and the use of the generic name "rocketbelt". It even came to some a Court case using the word "rocketbelt".

Kinnie died on juli 16, 2015 at the age of 58.