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Non Bell rocketbelts&builders

A few years ago there was some discussion about the term "rocketbelt pilot". Under what conditions you can name yourself a rocketbelt pilot. When you fly it under tether: yes. When you fly it free: yes.

Bell had some points. They considered a rocketbelt pilot a rocketbelt pilot when he could lift off, translate 100 feet, make a 180 turn and land safely, all in one flight.

So I made a split here, the free flyers, and the tethered flyers. Not to make two camps or to devide free from tether, but like the heritage of the old Bell procedures. But, who knows, in the future and when this site is more "filled up" I could change that.

In this chapter the builders/flyers of their own belts will be highligted. The may years of hard labour, testing by trial and error, blood, sweat and tears (and a thick wallet) are almost done. Some of these guys are test flying on tether, make small (free) hopps, of are static testing their belt. Some have jut started. Lets honour them in their quest to kiss the sky without wings.

Note: Some of them have BUILD a 100% working and safe belt, but never free ("Bell rules" ) flew it but made little free flights although (like Juan Lozano and Jeremy McGrane) but sold it to people who did (like David Mayman and Ian Purcell). Or Nino Amarena's Thunderpacks flown by Bill Suitor (and little free flights) and free flown by him self.