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GoFast! rocketbelt


"Go Fast Jet Pack"


The "Go Fast Jet Pack" (named jetpack to prevent a legal struggle on the generic word "rocket belt") has been the vision of Troy Widgery since his childhood memories of James Bond in "Thunderball." Through his pursuit of speed starting at the age of four racing quarter-midget cars, through his many years as a world-class competitive skydiver, to his current interest in the most extreme of sports, B.A.S.E. jumping; Troy has always had a vision of building a spectacular flying machine - similar to that which James Bond flew on the big screen.


In June 2003 Troy invited two friends, John Hewatt and Dave Butler, to brainstorm on what most people would see as an unobtainable project for the average person - to build a jet pack from scratch . Troy and John formed the company "Jet P.I. LLC" to manage the research, development, construction and future flights of what was going to be the "Go Fast Jet Pack."

The goal of "Jet PI" was to build a lighter, faster, more economical and longer-flying jet pack than the original built by Bell Aerosystems in the 1960's, and the successors, which have been based on that model. With incredible passion, determination and long after-hours work, combined with modern technologies, materials and engineering, more than two years have gone into the development of the "Go Fast Jet Pack."

The belt later on was improved with parts from Mark Wells and Geremy McGrane and had some design improvements, and later on sold to Stuart Ross.

Later on Jeremy McGrane build another belt for Gofast, piloted by Nick Macomber, and one for Ian Purcell, flying himself.

As special friends of the rocketbelt society they flew on the 2006 and 2007 Rocketbelt Conventions also, and many, many flights hereafter. More pics at the Eric scott chapter