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Juan Manuel Lozano (TAM)

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Juan Manuel Lozano is founder of Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana ( TAM ). TAM is the world leader in hydrogen peroxide rocket engines for helicopters and related technologies. Click HERE to go to his website.

Juan Manuel Lozano has been working with hydrogen peroxide propulsion systems since 1975, inventor of the penta-metallic catalyst pack to be used with organic hydrogen peroxide and inventor of the most popular machine in the world to produce you own hydrogen peroxide to be used as a rocket fuel. He also worked also in some non aerospace projects like an hydrogen peroxide oxygen generator for medical applications, an hydrogen peroxide oxygen generator for a welding machine, a hydrogen peroxide steam machine for the oil industry and a hydrogen peroxide plasma fog generator to sterilize surgery rooms in hospitals.

One of his projects is the Rocketbelt. He made several of them, all from scratch, making all parts, and the peroxide machine by himself. He also experimented with a POGO.His daughter Isabel was the first woman in the World to tether test fly Dad's rocketbelt. Juan build David Mayman's rocketbelt which David flew in the Sydney harbor. He made parts for the GoFast rocketbelt when they were in Mexico and tested the belt at his tether.He sells ready-to-use rocketbelts, rocketbelt parts and machines to make your own peroxide (besides numerous others, see his website).

Juan attended the 2007 rocketbelt convention at the Thunder over Niagara airshow.