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Tom Edelston

The rocketbelt project of Tom Edelston was attended to me by my rocketbelt-friend James Nemeth (2016: does anybody know his whereabouts? I lost contact several years ago. he than worked at NASA). He attended me to an article in "The Flypaper" a paper for RC model planes. Mr. Billy Wiggins had made a column. Tom Edelston was a guest speaker at one of there meetings, and gave a presentation of his fully operational rocketbelt. Tom owns a successful business making equipment such as harnesses for aerial acts. Tom and his spouce attended the 2006 Rocketbelt convention. He made several tethered etst flights with his own-engineerd rocketbelt. Sadly a fire in his lab a few years ago destroyed a lot of his equipment.

The pics below are copyrighted by Tom Edelston